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This cookie policy exclusively refers to the website and or any landing page thereto (the “Website”) and constitutes an integral part of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Cookies
  2. Cookies are small text strings that websites visited by the user send to their terminal (usually the browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari), where they are stored until being re-transmitted to the websites at the next visit of the user (such as log-in data, language setting, font size, other display settings).Cookies may be stored on computers or mobile devices used to navigate, for different timeframes: for instance, session cookies immediately expire with the user leaving the web browser; persistent cookies remain on the user's device up to a set deadline. While browsing on a website, user can receive cookies from the website that they are visiting and/or cookies from other web servers. The former are usually referred to as “first-party” cookies, the latter as “third-party” cookies. Cookies may be classified with respect to the different purposes for which they are used. Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communications network or because they are strictly necessary to deliver a requested service to the user (such as authentication processes, monitoring sessions, information storage of the users accessing the website). This type of cookie is essential for the functioning of the website or necessary to perform activities requested by users. Analytics/statistics cookies are used to collect information, usually in an aggregate and anonymous form, on how users make use of the website, and to track traffic to and from the website, for purposes associated with the functioning of the website. Profiling cookies are aimed at identifying user preferences in order to improve and customize user’s browsing experience and/or send them marketing communications in line with the preferences expressed while browsing. The use of technical cookies does not require prior consent of the user. The Italian Data Protection Authority ("Authority”) (see "Guidelines on the use of cookies and other tracking tools – 10 June 2021”) also includes: (i) "analytics cookies"/anonymous statistics cookies, used by the website owner to collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous form, on the volume of traffic on the website or on the browsing behaviour of the user, if tools that reduce the cookie singling out capacity are adopted and the third-party supplier of the cookie does not cross-reference the information collected with other information already available; (ii) browsing or session cookies that guarantee normal browsing and use of the website (allowing users, for example, to make a purchase or log in to access restricted areas); (iii) functionality cookies, which enable users to browse according to a series of criteria aimed at improving the service provided. Profiling cookies can only be used if the user has given consent for the activation and use of it. The Authority includes in this type of cookies, requiring users’ consent, analytics cookies if tools that reduce the cookie singling out capacity are not adopted and the third party can cross-reference the information collected with other information already available in its database (see Provision by the Italian Data Protection Authority of 9th June of 2022).
  3. Which cookies are on the Website?
  4. On the Website we use first-party cookies, third-party cookies and other technologies for the following purposes: technical cookies to allow the navigation and the use of the Website; technical functionality cookies, used to activate specific functions of the Website; with user’s prior consent, profiling cookies or other trackers, used to observe the user’s use of the Website and Cosmico contents in order to record user’s preferences and build a user profile in order to create advertising messages and a browsing experience in line with the preferences the user reveals when browsing the Website; analytics cookies/statistical identifiers from first and third parties, used to collect information, in an anonymized form, on the users’ browsing behaviour on the Website, and to keep track of traffic to and from the Website, for functional Website operation purposes. The information collected by the latter cookies is processed in an aggregate and anonymous form, therefore, the use of these cookies does not involve the processing of personal data and the prior consent of users is not required. It should be noted that when third-party cookies are used, the webservers providing such cookies are autonomous data controllers. We invite users to read the relevant webserver’s privacy policy and consent forms. By clicking on the appropriate button located at the bottom right of the navigation screen, the user will be able to access the list of categories of cookie on the Website and will be able to change preferences’ settings at any time.The Website may also use technical, functionality and analytics cookies that are not anonymous (in particular, Google Analytics cookies) for tracking and profiling purposes only with the user’s prior consent to the activation and use of profiling cookies.
  5. How to modify cookie settings
  6. When accessing the Website for the first-time, users can select which cookies to authorize on the cookie banner. Users can review and change their choices regarding cookie settings at any time.  Users can also set their preferences on the use of cookies through their own browser. Instructions on how to set privacy preferences are available on the browsers’ website (i.e. Internet; Explorer; Firefox; Chrome and Safari)  For more information on how to refuse cookies, users can refer to the section “help” of the browser or visiting should note that not authorizing technical cookies may make it impossible to navigate the Website, view its contents and use the related services. Inhibiting functionality cookies may impair some services or certain functions of the Website and users may be forced to modify or manually enter certain information or preferences each time they visit the Website. Failure to authorize other cookies, even third-parties’ cookie, on the other hand, does not compromise the functioning of the Website.

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