01 Jun 2023

Talent as a Service


The design that anticipates the experiences of the future.

A global strategic design studio that aims to anticipate the experiences of the future? It exists, and it’s called Sketchin. With 13 teams of multidisciplinary designers and over 100 people spread over four locations (Lugano, Milan, Rome, and San Francisco), Sketchin is united, agile, and efficient. It interprets technology and works to create a world where tech, through design, can enable people to have amazing experiences.


Essentially, Sketchin helps companies explore and face their future by launching new products and services. They support organizations in evolving by designing inclusive physical/digital experiences to create lasting and sustainable value.

Sketchin + Cosmico 🚀

Sarah Corti is the Chief Design Officer of Sketchin. She approached Cosmico in order to access top-level talent who could keep pace with their in-house teams on complex projects. This has helped Sketchin maximize productivity at peak times. To enhance her teams, she used our Talent Matching service, which allowed Sketchin to boost efficiency during periods of busy workloads or to find specific niche skills through the Cosmico community. Our talent works remotely alongside studio designers and directors as an integral part of internal teams. In particular, the figures chosen by Sketchin are mainly Copywriters, UX/UI Designers, and Service Designers.

In Cosmico I found exactly what I was looking for: the ability to tap into a network of professionals with the certainty of finding the right profile in terms of hard and soft skills. I was impressed by the proactivity, response time, and willingness to build side by side (Sketchin + Cosmico) an engagement process that was efficient and fast, and that always guaranteed a valuable match for each request.

- Sarah Corti, Chief Design Officer of Sketchin

Why we like Sketchin

The future is uncertain by definition. And that's why it’s probably scary. Sketchin is the partner of all those companies that see the future as an opportunity rather than a threat. How to seize this opportunity? Through technology and design: technology has always transformed the human experience: it's like magic, it captivates and opens up new horizons, but at the same time, it can be cold and intimidate those who don't understand it. Just like Sketchin, we are also convinced that today technology is more than ever the key to seizing the opportunities of the future, provided that we know how to make it accessible and "human" with good design. Together with Sketchin, we want to discover new opportunities and transform them into sustainable value for people, organizations, and the planet.



Hibo, part of the Maggioli Group, works in the world of branding, communication, strategy, and digital transformation but with a strategy focused on data-driven customer experiences. Founded in Bologna by a group of entrepreneurs over 10 years ago, they now have around 90 employees and have expanded to both Milan and London. The agency covers various sectors ranging from automotive to publishing and luxury to consumer goods. Hibo is an agency that works with many different types of talent in the field of marketing and web development, operates through 4 business units: Strategy, Creative, Digital Products, and Events, and acts as a partner to guide clients through their journey of activating these digital experiences.

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