10 Jul 2023

Talent as a Service


From fintech to a love brand.

Take the time for what you love. You can buy what you've been wanting for a long time, and you can do it in just a few installments, online and in physical stores, at no extra cost, and in total safety. It's not an unattainable dream. It's Scalapay, the app that allows you to buy what you love and pay for it at your own pace with an innovative payment method, Buy Now Pay Later. If it’s true that pleasure lies in the little things and in a collection of happy moments, Scalapay is committed to making everything simpler by always improving the shopping experience. But the true uniqueness of Scalapay is how they help people have more awareness when shopping and more choices, a promise that has transformed fintech into a "love brand."

Scalapay + Cosmico ❤️

When MariStella Ferraro became the Creative Director of Scalapay, she needed a team of multidisciplinary visual designers, also with motion graphics skills, to work alongside internal professionals to enhance the creative team’s capabilities and support them in quickly executing campaigns. Specifically, our talent worked on creative design, visual design, and motion design for social, digital, and offline communication to implement two communication campaigns and, in general, improve the brand identity and visual positioning.

Working with Cosmico has been the winning option for responding to the growth of becoming a unicorn. With their talent integrated with ours, we’ve been able to scale active markets and open new ones.

- MariStella Ferraro, Creative Director of Scalapay

For the Valentine's Day campaign, the main activity included developing all the social and website creativity as well as the content for advertisements, banners, and materials dedicated to offline channels, such as advertising in cities and transportation.

For the campaign dedicated to International Women's Day, our team supported Scalapay in designing the storytelling and producing visual assets for the editorial plan across the three countries where the company operates: Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

The work on the motion graphics was divided into two parts, one focused on social media and online communication in general and the other on major stations to advertise the pay-off, improve the advertising spot, and create video tutorials on data management and internal business operations within the company.

Why we like Scalapay

Like us, Scalapay believes that raising the happiness of others adds more value and meaning to everything we do, even in the workplace. For both of us, trying to help people leads to a sense of fulfillment. It provides constant inspiration for continuing to innovate and simplify processes.



Hibo, part of the Maggioli Group, works in the world of branding, communication, strategy, and digital transformation but with a strategy focused on data-driven customer experiences. Founded in Bologna by a group of entrepreneurs over 10 years ago, they now have around 90 employees and have expanded to both Milan and London. The agency covers various sectors ranging from automotive to publishing and luxury to consumer goods. Hibo is an agency that works with many different types of talent in the field of marketing and web development, operates through 4 business units: Strategy, Creative, Digital Products, and Events, and acts as a partner to guide clients through their journey of activating these digital experiences.


A new generation of savers has been born. And with it, a new digital piggy bank has also emerged. It's called Gimme5, a project by the asset management company AcomeA. It's an app that allows each of us to access the investment world and put money aside smartly, even from just €1. It's super simple: you set your goal (a car, a trip, or another dream) and activate the rules you prefer to follow in order to reach it faster, step by step. You can choose from various automatic settings, such as "Special Dates" to save a sum every time an important date occurs, "Sports" to deposit an amount every time your favorite soccer or basketball team wins, "Daily Steps" to set a target of steps and save money when you reach it, or even simply set aside a fixed amount each day, week, or month. Whatever you save, whether it’s small or large amounts, is invested to help it grow over time. With over 570,000 users reached, 150 million euros saved, 6 million euros of generated value, and over 35,000 goals achieved, Gimme5 allows people to live their life while saving and investing to achieve their goals without stress.

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