01 Jun 2023

Talent Retention


Talent retention and collaborative learning, the experience of I MILLE.

With people searching for a new meaning in their lives, organizations need to transform. I MILLE does this by profession: an independent creative consultancy that, on a global level, specializes in strategy, branding, experience and digital product design, communication, and marketing. In other words, the organization aims to help brands define and communicate the contribution they make to our lives and the world around us. Founded in 2004, I MILLE has offices in Milan, Rome, Trento, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, and São Paulo with a total of 120 employees.

Among the characteristics that distinguish I MILLE from its competitors is candor: with a culture-based approach, the agency's professionals study, prepare, and always tell the client the truth, even if it’s not what they want to hear.

How to retain and reward talent: I MILLE + Cosmico

We know it by now: salary increases and remote working alone are not enough to keep talent in a company. It takes an extra effort in choosing the benefits to offer to professionals. I MILLE has made this effort and has chosen to give some team members a transformative experience created and realized by Cosmico. It's called Workspace: 10 days in which, beyond co-working and co-living, a group of professionals who don't know each other come together in a vacation destination immersed in nature, far from the usual daily surroundings, such as a large house on an island in the middle of the ocean. They work remotely, spend time together to create human connections between colleagues and others, manage their own time, and break the routine.

Sharing everyday life, spaces, and personal time creates a special bond with people. We spoke little about work but sharing and collaboration arose spontaneously, and we exchanged ideas and tools. We weren't colleagues, we were a real team: and it should always be like this with the people you work with.

- Luigi, Digital Designer

These are the "space explorations" that I MILLE has participated in. Two groups of people joined two different expeditions, and others will continue to join in the future. This is how a group of individuals doing creative and innovative work linked to digital culture and communication found themselves living and working together, but above all, forming new relationships and learning from exchanging experiences and ideas. It’s true that they were there to work, but not only that: every day they all participated together in activities such as yoga, volcano trekking, surfing, and cooking challenges. In this way, they saw work not as something that competes with life but as an integral part of it.

Before going, some of us were blocked, worried. It's never easy to leave your comfort zone, accept change, meet new people, and get involved. Then slowly fear gives way to trust, and even courage. We discovered that not only were we able to change, to step out of our comfort zones, but that this escape could enrich us, open us up, and provide us with new inspiration.

- Linda, Client Manager

Why we believe in I MILLE

Cosmico and I MILLE look in the same direction: they talk about the change in the world of work and try to understand and analyze it. We both strive to do so starting from what we ourselves are putting into play now, from our own way of changing. Because we’re also part of the change: we see a movement forward, and we don't just want to follow or go along with it. We’d like to try to anticipate it. And perhaps, to some extent, guide it.


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