03 May 2023

Talent as a Service


Breaking with ordinary equilibria to find a new balance, establishing an emotional bond with the end user.

Frog is a global creative consultancy leader, and part of Capgemini Invent.

Frog strives to shape a regenerative, sustainable and inclusive future for businesses, people, and the planet: Frog imagines and builds experiences, products and campaigns that break the mould, touch hearts and create the future.   And it’s “in the pond”, as they say, that Frog is guided by its creativity, its curiosity, and its desire to question the status quo in everything it does. This approach has a story, which is the story of Frog: an important story that passes from contributing to the design of the first Apple computers to that of the Sony Walkman. This combination of expertise and love, with a pinch of visionary madness. has allowed Frog to stand out over the years, making it the world leader it is today. Joining Capgemini has been a further step in its evolutionary process, allowing the company to integrate its end-to-end process strengths, from design to implementation and much more.

Frog + Cosmico🚀

Frog engaged Cosmico because it was looking to recruit figures with specific skills and able to provide support in limited periods, remotely and after a period of on-the-job training, given the specific nature of the position created. Talent matching worked and the partnership has developed positively.   We built a team of professionals that has partnered Frog on an important accessibility-centric project in the financial services sector. This project has been a great success and in particular, Frog appreciated the pro-activity of the selected talents who, after intense onboarding, were able to take on the needs of the company and progress the project, providing important support. Not only that: alongside this technical attitude, Frog highlights how, on a human level, these talents have shown themselves to be extremely reliable and helpful, establishing a relationship with the frogs that made it easy to create a solid team.  

Why does Cosmico believe in Frog’s mission?

Frog designs superior experiences, focused on stand-out moments that make its products and services memorable. We like Frog because, just like us, at Frog they work to challenge mainstream thoughts and practices: breaking with ordinary equilibria to find a new balance, establishing an emotional bond with the end user.



Hibo, part of the Maggioli Group, works in the world of branding, communication, strategy, and digital transformation but with a strategy focused on data-driven customer experiences. Founded in Bologna by a group of entrepreneurs over 10 years ago, they now have around 90 employees and have expanded to both Milan and London. The agency covers various sectors ranging from automotive to publishing and luxury to consumer goods. Hibo is an agency that works with many different types of talent in the field of marketing and web development, operates through 4 business units: Strategy, Creative, Digital Products, and Events, and acts as a partner to guide clients through their journey of activating these digital experiences.

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