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Take the time for what you love. You can buy what you've been wanting for a long time, and you can do it in just a few installments, online and in physical stores, at no extra cost, and in total safety. It's not an unattainable dream. It's Scalapay, the app that allows you to buy what you love and pay for it at your own pace with an innovative payment method, Buy Now Pay Later. If it’s true that pleasure lies in the little things and in a collection of happy moments, Scalapay is committed to making everything simpler by always improving the shopping experience. But the true uniqueness of Scalapay is how they help people have more awareness when shopping and more choices, a promise that has transformed fintech into a "love brand."


Even the most skeptical people will want to change their way of living when they enter AWorld. It won't be from the effect of a magic formula but from the effectiveness of the digital experience provided by this app supported by the United Nations for the fight against climate change. How? By helping and encouraging people to take sustainable actions and learn about sustainability-related topics. The app isn’t only aimed at company employees but individual users as well. To educate their employees on sustainability topics, companies - such as food franchises, banks, and major Italian organizations - choose AWorld not only because the app is a convenient tool but also because it’s the only platform supported by the United Nations for the ACTNOW Campaign: all the content is approved by the UN, which supports the entire project. That's what sets it apart from its competitors. The app has over 900,000 downloads worldwide, and the company has two offices in Milan and Turin, located within the United Nations offices.


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    Sonia Azzola e Valeria Melocchi

    Valeria Melocchi

    • Co-founder @Make You Greener

    Cosmico allowed me to confront and relate in a free but profound way. Opportunities for exchanging contacts, experiences and skills arose spontaneously and at the most unexpected moments. Those moments were the most precious and enriching. Being close to creative and inspiring people allowed me to boost my workflow.

    Marina Bassani

    • Designer @Freelance

    I loved the my experience with Cosmico because, from the very first hours of working together at the Workspace, I felt inspired by all those beautiful minds around me; it was nice to hear about other people’s projects and dreams, it helped me feel a little more stimulated to chase my own.

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