10 Jul 2023

Talent Retention


I MILLE and a new idea of ​​leadership: learning from the bottom up.

With people searching for a new meaning in their lives, organizations need to transform. I MILLE does this by profession: an independent creative consultancy that, on a global level, specializes in strategy, branding, experience and digital product design, communication, and marketing. In other words, the organization aims to help brands define and communicate the contribution they make to our lives and the world around us. Founded in 2004, I MILLE has offices in Milan, Rome, Trento, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, and São Paulo with a total of 120 employees. Among the characteristics that distinguish I MILLE from its competitors is candor: with a culture-based approach, the agency's professionals study, prepare, and always tell the client the truth, even if it’s not what they want to hear.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Then there’s another one of our formats valued by I MILLE: Learnspaces. The agency's Leads participated, and will continue to participate, in our initiatives that offer three days of meetings, debates, talks, and opportunities for in-depth exploration on specific topics. I MILLE proposed this not as a corporate "benefit," but as a genuine project: a way to step out of the comfort zone, experiment, learn, and bring back everything to basics as lessons and new energy.

During Cosmico's Learnspaces, it really feels like landing on another planet. These are occasions where it seems like you’re doing anything but working, but then in the end you realize that you’ve learned a great deal, that you’ve met exceptional people, and that you’ve listened to leadership stories that you’ll often think of when you go back to doing your job. Cosmico is proof that shifting, moving, changing settings, and breaking the routine doesn't harm your work but strengthens and enhances it.

- Paolo, Content Lead

Why we believe in I MILLE

Cosmico and I MILLE look in the same direction: they talk about the change in the world of work and try to understand and analyze it. We both strive to do so starting from what we ourselves are putting into play now, from our own way of changing. Because we’re also part of the change: we see a movement forward, and we don't just want to follow or go along with it. We’d like to try to anticipate it. And perhaps, to some extent, guide it.


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