10 Jul 2023

Talent Retention


How to retain talent: the experience of Flatmates.

Flatmates is an agency that helps companies work with creators, especially in implementing influencer marketing campaigns and producing content that speaks the language of social media. The Flatmates team predominantly works remotely, which is why Marcello Ascani, co-founder and CEO of Flatmates Agency as well as full-time YouTuber, chose the Cosmico Workspace. Making time for oneself is still essential even for a digitally-oriented company that operates remotely. Making time means recreating the conditions that often lead to spontaneous relationships during a break in the office, which are vital for team cohesion.

The “coffee break” effect

For this reason, the most interesting aspect of remote work that's carried out together from different locations is the "coffee break" effect: besides working together, sharing moments of daily life helps to understand the aspects that are missed when working remotely, allowing you to make up for them all at once. Being able to disconnect from work and find yourself in a beautiful place where you can be together and have fun is priceless.


The experience was excellent for the whole team but especially for the new hires who met their colleagues in person for the first time. And they did so in an exceptional setting: a villa with a swimming pool, where they could focus on their work without logistical issues, that’s also on an island where it's always summer, to be enjoyed during breaks with shared experiences. Yoga, surfing, stargazing, hiking, pottery, and cooking challenges – they are moments where colleagues have the opportunity to become friends.

Talent retention

There are numerous challenges related to needing to keep people in a company, and the Cosmico Workspace was specifically created to help talent-focused companies. Inviting your employees or specific teams to experience a Cosmico Workspace means offering them a highly valuable benefit while also increasing productivity by enhancing the human connections among these people who work together.



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